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Fisher Barton Specialty Products (FBSP), located in Watertown, Wisconsin, is a premier supplier of world-class, performance-enhanced components, including heat-treated stampings, weldments, and coated knives and blades, used in the agricultural, construction, mining and biofuels industries.

FBSP is the materials and coatings leader in surface wear solutions technology.  As an OEM direct supplier, we manufacture agricultural and construction industry wear components, making them last longer, cost less, and perform better.

FBSP is also the home of the company’s state-of-the-art materials research laboratory, where our experts provide unparalleled technical leadership in materials analysis and mechanical testing.  Our high level of technical expertise and innovation, acquired from our 15 on-staff metallurgical engineers and 18 patents, allows us to better understand your requirements and provide you with the highest quality parts and product solutions.



Forage Harvesting Spiral Knives JD Draw Bars

Baler Precutting Knife and Drum Disc Mowing System

Wear resistant

Wear resistant industrial component manufacturing

Finished wear resistant  industrial components

Fixed Rotary Straw Chopper Blade With Coated Edge

Complete in-house production capabilities